26 Ways to Be an Active Bystander

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26 Ways to Be an Active Bystander

  1. Eat lunch with somebody new to the school
  2. Use judgment to de-escalate
  3. Use humor
  4. Use your moral courage
  5. Smile
  6. Use distraction
  7. Use kind body language
  8. Recruit allies
  9. Use a confident tone
  10. Don’t be complicit
  11. Speak up
  12. Break “the mask”
  13. Ask questions
  14. Observe from another person’s perspective
  15. Empathize with the target
  16. Empower the target
  17. Understand the consequences
  18. Don’t be a harm doer
  19. Give out hugs
  20. Include everyone
  21. Ask an authority figure for help
  22. Find out what’s going on with the harm doer
  23. Say a kind word
  24. Have a plan of action
  25. Let others see you taking responsibility
  26. Offer to help without judging or accusing

This list was produced by participants in the Hopkins Academy TAB Training for Trainers

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