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2020 Newsletter

Contents Greeting Mediation TAB Veterans Mediation Board & Personnel Finding & Finances QM’s 25th Anniversary! Newsletter PDF Greetings! We here at Quabbin Mediation are writing in hopes that this end

TAB in the New York Times

TAB Coordinator Beryl Domingo talked with Ruth Terry of The New York Times about how to be an active bystander when you see casual racism. This article appeared in the

Training Active Bystanders | Cathedral High School | Blog

26 Ways to Be an Active Bystander

26 Ways to Be an Active Bystander Eat lunch with somebody new to the school Use judgment to de-escalate Use humor Use your moral courage Smile Use distraction Use kind

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2018 Newsletter

Contents A Brief Northwestern DA’s Conference Middlesex DA Staff Training Town of Bridgewater Proclamation Newsletter PDF If you are a bystander witnessing a harmful situation, you have a choice to