What People are Saying

Here's a little of the feedback we've received in evaluations from our training participants.

“In our last year of TAB trainings, over 75% of participants felt confident in their abilities to be an active bystander after just ONE training”

“Utilizing diverse participation mechanisms such as Break Out Rooms, Storytelling, and Harm Brainstorming, participants are able to get involved with Instructor Feedback improving their overall confidence AND competence.”

“The Inhibitors section, which aids participants in understanding their fears and limitations when intervening in conflict, is easily the most sought-after part of the training.”

“Understanding that being held back from interfering in conflict by fear and inhibitors is a community wide problem that everyone feels”

“We all have a role to plan and we’re well qualified to participate as active bystanders”

“GREAT job presenting. Well organized. Engaged all of us. Thank you!”

“I learned a lot and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been here today.”

“Thank you. I’m someone who has rarely faced or observed harm, but I firmly believe that exercising the practices taught will benefit us all.”

“Thanks to Linden Ponds and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for providing this training and to the Trainers for a great presentation.”

“This was a wonderful training. Thank you for your time.”

“It was very insightful.”

“Being an active bystander supports in addition to the individuals directly involved the entire community.”

“Thank you. This was really great. thinking about how health masks affect our ability to assess situations. Thinking about how I can be an active bystander in my own head when I am frustrated, out of patience, angry…”

“Thank you for sharing with us and for creating a safe environment.”

“That despite being an introvert, I can speak up and do the right thing.”

“Everyone can be an active bystander – actions you take change community.”

“This has been very helpful. Hearing about others’ actions and experiences is always encouraging.”

“I feel like I got a shot of bravery from this training. Thank you so much for it. It was very helpful.”

“Everyone should do this.”

“I loved this course. I feel so empowered and positive, in a time of such chaos, this is exactly what I needed. THANK YOU!”

“Encouraging me to think through my motivations and limitations so that when presented with an opportunity I can quickly assess whether it is important for me to become active or seek alternative help.”

“My actions make a difference and I feel I have more tools to take action.”

“I feel like I have good foundation to begin working as an active bystander with my words and actions for both the harm doer and the target in a situation. It is my intension to have a positive effect within my community, build moral courage, and build allies.”

“Competence can be increased by sharing with others who are trying to do well also; and we all already have some competence.”

“Thank you for the great conversation and organization. Excellent course leader.”

“Excellent program thank u!!”

“Thank you – I really enjoyed the workshop and have found it very practical and useful.”

“Thank you so much, this was wonderful! Wish more people could partake!”

“I definitely deflect responsibility so hearing strategies to overcome it was really beneficial.”

“This was excellent. Thank you so much for this workshop, and thank you to our leaders. With warm regards and gratitude for this opportunity.”

“The session was very engaging.”

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