Sean Osborne

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Sean Osborne
TAB Instructor

Sean Osborne is a US Air Force veteran who had the honor of serving on active duty with his father and brother who were in the Army. Sean and his wife have lived in Massachusetts since the 1990s. Nevertheless, home is still Northern Virginia where his parents live.

Sean is a Training Active Bystanders Trainer and Instructor because active bystandership is an important tool for community resilience. In order to build community resilience, individuals and communities must develop capabilities in personal preparedness, community engagement, and network development. Each of these capabilities is also a promoter of active bystandership.

Sean is a climate and infrastructure resiliency consultant. He is also a professional engineer who is licensed in Maryland, Massachusetts, and most of the other New England states. Sean is the founder and principal of OSD Engineering Consultants. OSD is a minority and veteran owned civil engineering consulting firm which prepares businesses and government agencies to protect public health during and after emergencies and disasters.