Susan Wallace

A picture of a woman named, Susan Wallace
Susan Wallace
Quabbin Mediation
Training Director

Susan is the Training Director of Quabbin Mediation and the co-creator of the TAB program. She received her degree from Hampshire College with concentrations in Social Justice and education. Susan and her husband Scott have lived in Western Massachusetts for over 40 years. They have a son and daughter, both of whom have their own wonderful children. Susan’s professional life has included working with those involved in the criminal justice system, women seeking non-traditional employment and families receiving housing assistance.

When she became a mediator over 30 years ago, her professional focus turned to teaching conflict resolution and mediation to children and adults. In 2000, Susan began working with Quabbin Mediation. In 2006, with Sharon Tracy, they created the TAB program as well as Veterans Mediation, both using a Train the Trainers model.

TAB’s intent is to make accessible and useful the concepts that help to empower everyone to become active bystanders. Creating engaging and durable curricula that respect those engaged in the learning, is a hallmark of Quabbin Mediation’s training and the work that Susan has done.

“We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up……..discovering that we have the strength to stare it down.” Eleanor Roosevelt