Use TAB in the workplace to create an improved workplace atmosphere where all employees feel included

TAB is a tool that can help address concerns of a hostile work environment where employees may feel targeted by harmful actions and words from their colleagues and superiors. By learning to be an Active Bystander, employees are empowered to engage with each other to identify harm doing in the workplace, and take action when harm is happening in the moment or even later. This would substantially reduce the reliance on Human Resources to intervene.
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In the Workplace

TAB is a means of transforming the workplace to a norm in which harm doing is not acceptable. Active bystandership leads to more positive interactions among people, creates an improved workplace atmosphere where all employees feel safe, and contributes to workplace productivity.

In Businesses and Corporations

TAB addresses issues of harassment and bullying, creating a safer, more productive workplace.

Professional Development

Presented are elements of the 6-lesson TAB curriculum, the scholarship behind TAB, and implementation.

In Higher Education

TAB has been taught to undergraduates, graduate students, administrators and professors at Brandeis University, Wellesley College, MIT, and Mt. Holyoke College, and in community colleges.

In Prisons

TAB is available to be taught in prisons. It has been taught at the Massachusetts Correctional Institute in Norfolk to 70 members of the Lifers’ Group and at the Franklin County (MA) House of Corrections to 60 inmates transitioning back to the community.

Substance Abuse Prevention

The six-lesson curriculum addresses substance abuse as a form of harm doing. Each of the six units offers opportunities to analyze the problem. The substance abuse prevention element is integrated into the TAB training for trainers curriculum.

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